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Homesteading is hard work, but a very fulfilling lifestyle. To many it is the ultimate way to live free and selfsufficient.

There are a few kinds of homesteads. Purists go completely off the grid and don't even want electricity or plumbing, and instead they rely on methods and ways as they were done for hundreds of years already. Cooking on a woodstove, which of course needs wood so you need to have a huge pile of it. They do their business in an outhouse, which can get quite chilly in winter, but that's the way they want to live.

Then there are the homesteaders that are a little more in contact with the modern world, even though they still prefer to take care of everything themselves. You'll find solar panels, windmills or watermills to drive generators, and they do use electricity to power lights, radio or even powertools!

One thing all the homesteaders have in common is their knowledge of how to stay alive in comfort, by growing their vegetables in their own garden, tending livestock, bartering with folks around them to get what they can't make themselves, and much more.

In an area where you find one homesteader, you'll often find more of them, and they all support one another like they are family. When one is in need of help, they all jump in because it is a tight and wonderful community to be part of. They know how tough life can be when you live independent and not relying on 'the system' for anything.

Don't get me wrong, no matter how great this lifestyle is, it certainly is not for everybody. You'll have to work very hard to keep your lifestyle going.

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