The Paiute Deadfall trap

How to get the animals without actively hunting
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The Paiute Deadfall trap

Post by Bram van Munster » Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:42 pm

The Paiute Deadfall trap

Proven to be deadly for many smaller animals, and when it is upsized, for many more!
Invented by the Native American tribe the Paiute, tried and tested for many years, and effective even today.


What you'll need:
- A big rock or log, heavy enough to kill the animal you're after
- Two sticks of about equal in length
- Triggerstick
- Toggle (the shortest stick
- Piece of rope, string or cordage

What you'll need:
Take one of the longer sticks and carve a V-shaped wedge in it, roughly one finger length from the end, and a circle around the other end. Tie your piece of string to that.
Now take the second long stick, and cut the top to fit in the V-shaped wedge of the first one.
Carve the triggerstick with a sharp point and a flat end on the other end
Make the toggle, flatten it on both sides, tie the other end of the string to that.

Put the two longer sticks together and put the toggle around the standing stick. (hold with one hand)
Place the rock or log on top and make sure it balances.
Put the triggerstick in place, so it can easily get away when your target touches it.
Add a piece of bait, make sure not to set off the trap and hurt yourself!!!

When the target animal touches the triggerstick as it tries to get to the bait on top, it will drop, releasing the toggle, so the horizontal stick flies up, taking the standing stick with it and the rock or log comes down.
What ever is underneath it will be dead on impact or have one hell of a headache!

Practice, but beware of the local laws!!!

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