Basic safety

You'll have more fun in the woods when you're healthy
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Basic safety

Post by Bram van Munster » Sun Sep 29, 2019 12:25 pm

This post could be the intro of a long serie, depending on the responses.

Many people in various groups use sources like YouTube to gather info about something that sparked their interest, and to stay in the atmosphere of this group: Mainly survival, bushcraft, prepping, SHTF and off-gridding.

Well, in all fairness, you're not an expert in anything unless you practice. A lot. A big lot, until it becomes a lifestyle instead of a hobby.

Some people have (access to) all the knowledge in the world, but never seen a Mora Knife let alone handled one safely. Some folks think they can go completely off the grid and think "I got this", only to become delusional and moving back to the city. Some people think they can bushcraft and live off the land without even seeing a forest.

My advice to them is of course to get out there and PRACTICE. Even people that have a lot of gear, think they have it all covered: PRACTICE. Put your gear to the test. Get out to the forest and get skilled. Switch off power in your house for a week and earn your title.

Ask questions about things you run into while practicing, don't just read comments, DO something. Get your rear end in gear.

Is there risk involved in practicing? Absolutely. Is it worth it? Double absolutely.

Never be ashamed to ask a question such as "How would you guys handle this or that situation" because anyone can help you to gain knowledge and help you out. After that, it is up to yourself, because you need the practice.

Don't just read along, get active... Gather gear, put it to the test in various scenarios, set up a decent pantry, go out to forage and eat it. Grow your own food (meat, veggies and herbs) and appreciate yourself!

You will notice you will appreciate your skills a lot better, and things coming from the "system" become luxuries. That is - to me - where you want to be!

Let me know in the comments if you want this serie to teach in every aspect our favorite topic has to offer! To kick off, especially for the people that haven't practiced one day in their life, it may be a nice idea to start with safety in using tools and safety in the area.

What do you all think?

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