Power outage - Long term

A slowly growing bunch of scenarios, ranging from power outage to hurricanes, from floods to... well you name it!
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Power outage - Long term

Post by Bram van Munster » Mon Feb 25, 2019 7:24 am

We have all experienced short power outages, but looking out at nature, you'll find that those are slowly becoming more common and longer duration. Possible causes for that are solar flares (info here) and EMP attacks (info here).

What ever the cause, natural or man made, evil or accidental, the outcome is the same:
  • Phones won't charge
  • Refrigerators don't work
  • You can't use your creditcard
  • Sliding doors / revolving doors / garage doors don't work
  • Shops close as the registers don't work...
  • ...Which means all food you have access to is in your house
  • You can't purchase fuel as the pumps don't work
  • The computer and electrical system in most cars is fried
  • Internet / TV / landline phones doen't work
  • (street) lights don't work
  • Heaters that require electrical power don't work
And that list goes on and on!!!

People are far too dependent on the electrical systems they have these days. Almost everything requires (grid) power or batteries! Apart from that, we have all been conditioned and trained to use the internet 24/7, look at screens all day long, making you dependent on that as well.
As nothing will work properly and you're in a situation that can take months or years, you're properly screwed if you don't have any means of heat, light and of course food in your house or bug-out-location (BOL).

What do you do? Let me know!

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