TV show Dual Survival

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TV show Dual Survival

Post by Bram van Munster » Sun Dec 02, 2018 11:09 am


There has been a lot of talk about this show, and comments range from awesome to the worst they've ever seen.
Some folks burn up the hosts, others would like to marry them, and to each their own.

There's a few things you need to know about the show though...
First of all, it is heavily regulated. The producers of the show ONLY show you what will attract more viewers, which is the purpose of any tv-show.
Every episode is a scenario, meaning they play a story. To make the show last longer, they HAVE to show new things you can use to survive, or they won't make it till season 2!
When the show Dual Survival first started out with Cody Lundin, there have been very frequent fights between the production team and Cody, as Cody simply wanted to instruct people on how to stay alive, while the producers want to show more drama.
Cody is a long time instructor, and actually knows what is needed to stay alive in most every situation.
To make sure there is enough drama in the show, they added Joe Teti, as he is a strong headed army man that fights against nature, instead of living WITH nature, as we would do. Without a doubt, those two characters clashed more than once!
When Cody finally had enough, he quit the show. The producers realized they had a problem, as Cody was the one setting up the scenarios, and holding back the producers when they wanted to show things that were simply too far out of Cody's comfort zone, or too dangerous. They needed another nature-boy, and that became Matt Graham.
To this day, they still fun the same idea, so the goal of the show is still a mix of drama, showing new ways to possibly survive, and clashing characters.
That being said, I watch the Dual Survivor shows and every other one out there! There will always be things in the shows that I will never do or try, and things of which I say they might be useful to me one day. So I practice those skills, and discard the rest because they're useless to me.
As long as you realize it's a scenario with drama and are able to filter out the things you can use, you're golden...
My advice to everyone is to make sure to get every last little bit of information you can, and practice what you need to know. Knowledge doesn't weigh a lot, so you might as well take a lot of it with you...

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