The worst day

A slowly growing bunch of scenarios, ranging from power outage to hurricanes, from floods to... well you name it!
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The worst day

Post by Bram van Munster » Fri Mar 01, 2019 7:16 am

As a prepper, you got it made. There is enough to eat in the house to last you and your family for weeks. Everybody has a bug-out bag as well as a GHB in your car, and you have a patch of land at 4 hrs driving with a well hidden shelter.
Now... here goes... You're at work when the phone rings, your wife and kids have been evacuated from the house because it was on fire.

Your race home you drive straight into a traffic jam, caused by the police and tax agencies, they want to check everybody that passes by. After a while, it's your turn. Immediately the police notices your GHBs in the back which they want to check. You cooperate even though you have the right to say 'no'. After all, they didn't pull you over and there is no reason to check the bags when the rest of the paperwork is OK. When the police officers open the bags, they notice a gun, ammo and of course survival gear such as knives and axes. They don't trust it and call reinforcements while the traffic-jam backs up further. Even though you are sure all licenses for all weapons are perfectly in order, you don't carry them. That made the cops decide to impound your car and its contents until you can show the paperwork. You protest of course, but they want to search the car for more weapons, and your protest is in vain. Your only option is to walk the last few miles home.

When you arrive home, firemen stop you, as you try to get closer to the smoldering pile of what used to be your house. The BOB's were not saved from the fire. Information is slow, so your first concern is to get your family safe for the night.
Hotels and hostels are WAY too expensive, friends either on holiday or living too small themselves, so basically, you're on your own. You can't reach the shelter within a few days, because of the distance, and you can't leave because of the aftermath of the fire.........

What would YOU do?

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