We're all alike

Basically, how you can get the most out of this information base
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We're all alike

Post by Bram van Munster » Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:53 pm

On this forum, you'll find many different topics, and many overlap all our interests.
It doesn't really matter whether you're a bushcrafter, prepper, camper, off-gridder or survivalist, in all our lifestyles there we have so much common grounds, it surprises me 'our world' doesn't have one single name.

We all need food and water, we all like to feel safe, we all like to stock up a bit, we all love feeling comfortable, so that covers our basic interests!

The bushcrafter isn't a lone wolf prowling the forest, the prepper isn't a mad man hoarding guns and ammo, the off-gridder isn't a hippy standing out against the government and the stealthcamper is not rebelling against the established order, so let's get those nametags out the door and respect all of our lifestyles.

Because we're interested in so many different things, it is possible you'll find a topic in a place where you did not expect it, so please search the entire forum! You may even find things of which you didn't even know you liked them.

Should you still think a topic should be in another part of the forum, let me know!

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