Emergency / survival water filter

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Emergency / survival water filter

Post by Bram van Munster » Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:44 pm

Emergency / survival water filter

Humans will be humans, so even if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere and need water, look around. You will probably be able to find both water and an empty bottle.

Water you can find in standing still water (puddles, lakes) nor flowing water can be trusted these days. There were times when you were able to drink straight from any water source, but now you're at risk of getting seriously sick if you drink it.

Waterborne pathogens, bacteria and parasites are an equal threat to your health as waste from animals and garbage from humans. If you're not able to use a water filter, you can probably find all you need to make one.

First, make a fire. You're going to need some charcoal, and even though the water is filtered, you're going to want to boil it later. Then, scavenge the area for a empty plastic bottle. Thanks to your fellow humans, you can probably find one!

Cut off the bottom of the bottle. If the cap isn't on it, or isn't there, cut off a piece of your shirt and tie it over the bottletop with paracord or a shoelace.
Turn the bottle with the wide opening up, and put in a layer of charcoal. It should be as thick as the width of your hand. On top of that, a layer of sand, then top it off with pebbles and/or rocks.


I'm going to assume you have a cup with you, use that to pour water into your filter. Make sure it is fully saturated, and then put your cup underneath it.
Slowly but surely, the filtered water will drip out. This is the part where most people think it's not going fast enough and they worry about the color. The charcoal will make your water yellow-ish, and in some cases even very yellow. It has been described by one of my nephews as urine color even. Use a cup with a dark inner liner if you're worried about this, because it can save your life and you don't see the color if you use water on a dark color.

When your cup has filled eventually, it is already drinkable, but in many areas of the world, still not safe. That is why you boil it. Some folks say it has to boil for at least seven minutes, but after scientists did their investigations, they found two minutes is enough.

Big bubbles, no troubles!!!
When your water is boiling and produces big bubbles for two minutes, all bacteria that will make you sick are dead, and your water is safe. Don't burn yourself though!!

Bubbles tiny, watch your hiney!!!
We've all stared in a pot while water was reaching its boiling point. First, you'll see the small bubbles appearing out of nowhere, and then slowly some more bubbles appear. If you think it's boiling at that point, you're wrong. Drink it, and you'll find out why soon enough, because diarhea will make your life miserable...

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