What do you like better, cabin, RV or brick house?
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Post by Bram van Munster » Mon Feb 25, 2019 9:43 am

Want or need?

When you're moving from the city to the country to live off the grid, you'll figure out real quick it's amazingly costly to take all the things you've gathered over the years. Most of the things you got won't be of much use when you're going off grid either, let alone when you're moving into a Tiny House.
The smaller your cabin, RV or Tiny House, the less things you can store. When you go over your stuff including clothes, and simply chart out what you haven't used in years and probably won't use in the years to come, I'm sure you'll find that that is going to be a long list! Selling those items or throwing them away (or recycle / upcycle) can be profitable, and making a profit is always nice!

Once you ONLY have the stuff left that you use regularly, it's also very easy to map out what you really need in your daily life. I've done it myself, and found out some of my clothes, my kitchen utensils and tools are the most important, and secondary my computer and a few books. Apparently, I don't need more to be able to live, the rest of my things is mostly decorative (plants, chairs I don 't use, etc) so I can do without those if I need to.

Sure enough, when you go outside into town you're bound to see things that trigger your "want to have" emotion. Things you can barely resist buying even though you don't need them, and that takes training to resist it. It all comes down to the "want or need" rule, so ask yourself a question; "Do I really need this to keep living, or do I just want to have it". If it is just for material gain, leave it alone! When you figured out you really need this item, you can of course get it. Example: You see a beautiful lamp in a store. Is it want or need? You already have lamps in your house, and they function. Why would you want to replace lamps you already have, do they do their job poorly, or is there enough light already... I think you'll find buying the new lamp is useless unless the other one broke and doesn't work anymore. Besides that, you need to sell or recycle the "old" lamp, which is more work for you. Leave the lamp alone if you don't really need it!

In the end, you'll notice your buying behavior is changing slowly and you'll have more cash in your wallet at the end of the month compared to what you were used to. That's a bonus! You will also notice that when you have less stuff, there is less to clean, less to insure, and you'll be happier with what you have.


Every item you buy (also grid energy, water, etc) has taxes on it. When you are like me and don't grant the government the taxes, you'll feel rewarded every time you leave an item in the shop.

When you use a creditcard, the company gets a fee as well. Do you want them to have free money on your behalf?

Moving from your house to a off-grid house, cabin, RV and so on is already costly enough. Don't do it unless you have the money to do so, or you'll get yourself in debt. Banks rely on people in debts (loans, mortgages), to invest in weapon industries, oil and more with YOUR interest.

Less is more! When you have fewer items, you'll have less to worry about. Things you don't have don't need replacement and can't get broken. I'm sure you'll be going outside and enjoy nature a lot more as well!!!

You will become more resourceful when it comes to fixing things, resolving issues and more. This is not only very good for your mind, but also for your self-esteem!

I hope you find this useful!

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