Splitting wood tips (videos)

I love a nice fire in wintertime
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Splitting wood tips (videos)

Post by Bram van Munster » Sun Feb 17, 2019 8:11 am

Here are a few YouTube videos I found about splitting wood. I suggest you take a look at them, especially when you're a novice on wood splitting.

How to split firewood for beginners
This man is working without a chopping block, which goes against safety rules, and because the soil will give a bit, you have to use more effort and power to split the logs. Always try to use a large block of wood to stabilize the block you're trying to cut.

Splitting wood with a chopping block
In this video you see a man working with a chopping block. This is to prevent your ax hitting the ground, better work stance, so better for you and your tool. You also see he's got a elastic band wrapped around the log before he cuts it. This will prevent the blocks from flying everywhere while you're still trying to get them into smaller pieces. At 7:42 you'll see what I mean with flying wood!

Splitting a very big log
The impossible task made easier.

Stay safe out there! Use your ax wisely and enjoy the winter.
Firewood will warm you twice. Once while you cut the logs, and the second time when you enjoy the crackling fire in wintertime...

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