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Post by Bram van Munster » Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:55 am

There is a lot of information on this site, and to make it as complete as possible, you can and will find topics you don't like, but can be very useful for other people.

You're encouraged to scroll past those topics or collapse the topic you don't like instead of commenting on them. Only the on-topic discussions are accepted. As example: Suppose you see the topic about trapping, hunting and skinning animals, and you don't like it, do not comment on them, as those comments will be removed.

This site is not necessarily politically correct. People talk the way they do, and as long as that is done with mutual respect, that is perfectly accepted. Comments that lack respect will be removed and can result in a ban for the member that posted that comment.

There are topics on this site that involve weapons. Those are informative ONLY. It is on your own risk to use the information. In some areas on this planet the discussed weapons are forbidden or even illegal. Make sure you can use them in your area and even if you can, seek expert help from locals if you're not experienced with them.

The owner of this site only gathers the information to keep information from getting lost. If you choose to use the information to better your lifestyle, especially with food handling, you're doing so on your own risk. You agree to the fact you can never hold the owner liable for things that gone bad or worse. Various described methods can cause injuries or death when the method is not executed correctly, for which I am not responsible.

All members can see the informative topics including the medicinal ones. If you are not experienced in this field, consult an expert or doctor before trying them. We can not be held liable for your actions!

Any questions about this can be posted below.

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