Basic safety - Gloves

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Basic safety - Gloves

Post by Bram van Munster » Sun Sep 29, 2019 12:40 pm


Since the beginning of me starting this page, we have been talking about SO many items that are useful in survival, prepping and bushcraft, yet some are hardly mentioned.

One of the most underrated attire is the humble yet very useful glove. Even the most seasoned survivalist forgets about them at times. Possibly because they take 'm for granted, but I'm not sure about that.

Let's look into them a bit deeper, as they have various uses!

Preventing cold hands is one use of course, but also protection against sharp things and hot things, impacts, drought or acid and even more purposes.

When you're in the wild, they also protect you against splinters, spikes, bites and parasites such as leeches and ticks!!!

All the more reason to have a number of various gloves in your go-bag, GHB (Get Home Bag), BOB (Bug Out Bag), INCH-bag (I'm Not Coming Home) and even your EDC (Every Day Carry) and hiking pack.

How many are there in YOUR packs right now?

I have leather gloves for hard work such as chopping wood, fabric gloves with extra grip for slippery stuff and more grip when needed (ax handle in moist environment is a good reason to want more grip), thick waterproof fabric gloves for the cold, STEEL gloves for when I'm working in my hobby forge and about to amputate a few fingers with sharp objects + fire proof gloves for when I'm forging, and that list goes on and on... For every job or situation, there's a set of gloves available.

The season, weather, duration of my stay outside and plans are decisive here, I don't take 'm on all my trips. Planning ahead is key here!

Now I can just HEAR some of the most seasoned folks out here thinking... "Gloves are for sissies" but the opposite is true and the sissy statement is not. How many fingers can you lose before you run out? It's not about being the toughest badass in the country, it's about your own safety. Especially people that just started out learning benefit from using the humble glove.

Gloves won't break the bank and they don't weigh a lot. When you need them, you got to have them!

Stay safe out there folks, and have fun outdoors!!!

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