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Every Day Carry

Post by Bram van Munster » Tue Sep 11, 2018 6:45 am

This time, we'll be talking about things you want to carry on your person in your daily life.
What ever it is you're carrying, it has to be suitable for every single day.
It also shouldn't get you in (too much) trouble with your employer either! ;)

Whether or not you're getting in trouble with what you carry is subject to local laws as well as rules. Not every employer will allow you to carry a knife (or gun) on your person all the time, so either become an expert in concealing, or simply don't take it with you.
Normally it won't be very necessary to carry serious weapons on your person either. Many preppers have a GHB (Get Home Bag) in their car, which can contain large and serious items.

Just for arguments sake, let's assume you don't own a car so you don't have a GHB in your immediate area. You will then have to carry it all on your person. Most people won't have that much trouble getting home when something happens while they are at work, but commuters might have to walk a while. It is then when a proper preparation comes in handy.

There are a few very nice survival bracelets available, and some make their own. One thing most of them have in common is the usage of paracord. You can get this in a large variety of qualities, and the type that is recommended most is '550-paracord'. Cheaper types won't have the same strength, or more importantly, the same inner contents. 550-paracord can carry 550 pounds (roughly 250 kilo) thanks to the 7 inner strands.


People that make their own bracelets often get very creative! They incorporate a few extra items in it, improving their chance of success when having to use it.
  • The inner strands of paracord can be used as fishing line (as well as trapping snares) so they hide a fishing hook in the bracelet. A small piece of cork makes sure they don't stab themselves while wearing it.
  • A compass can be added to navigate home or to the BOL
  • Others add a needle and magnet so they can make their own compass
  • There are clips available that have a knife edge inside, with which you can cut anything from a hide to plants
  • A small firesteel for lighting a fire
  • Anything you can think of can be used!
If you don't want to have a bracelet, you can also use paracord as shoelace!

A good multi-tool can be carried at all times. Hardly anyone will object to you having that on you, and most countries don't have laws that prohibit the blade length found in them. What you can do with them depends on what's inside the multi-tool, so choose carefully. I have a Victorinox with knife, pliers, saw, screwdrivers, you name it. In addition, you can consider carrying a larger knife with you if you need to.

Medication for a few days is something you just have to have. Whether it is just a few painkillers or something you need to survive, make sure you have it with you!

Carry knowledge!!! It doesn't weigh a lot, so you might as well take a lot of it with you! Know everything there is to know about the route you'll be taking, what you might encounter and what you might need. Add items to your EDC as you need them.

In the end, it's not about how much you carry, but about how comfortable you can live during a bad situation.
What's in your EDC?

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