Bugging in or bugging out

Is yours strong enough?
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Bugging in or bugging out

Post by Bram van Munster » Wed Aug 29, 2018 6:52 am

Bugging in or bugging out

We all have different houses, in different locations. Preppers with a large garden have a different view on this topic than preppers that live in an apartment, let alone the ones that were able to buy a piece of land out of town somewhere.

The lucky few that have a large enough garden of their own often think of building a bunker underneath the vegetable beds, and some actually do. You can think of anything from fortified freight containers to actual nuclear bunkers, anything gets buried in preparation of the possible disaster. Same goes for the preppers with a piece of land, however, they mostly count on staying hidden while they are prepared for any attack by looters after shit hits the fan.
Like every prepper, they've all made sure there is a constant supply of water and/or water storage, at least one year of non-perishable food and food with a impressive shelflife and medication. (check the downloads section of the forum for many books on food and perishables)

Example of a underground bunker

When you're going to retreat to a piece of land outside of the city, make sure it's a low key abode, however comfortable enough to house you and the people you're with.

No matter the place you pick, make sure it has plenty room to stockpile what ever you need! If you can't store a year's supply to sustain everyone, the location is NOT suitable! If you are able to buy a piece of land, don't fall for the first piece you see, make sure you can grow cattle or other animals there, and have the water rights, to avoid legal issues before shit hits the fan. This ensures that when you have to bug out longer you will be able to eat properly! Preppers that currently live in a apartment should definitely look into this, as you simply can't store enough in a apartment nor the basement they usually come with.

The better you prep your location, the better the chance you'll stay comfortable when SHTF!!! 8-)

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