The Dakota Firepit

Let's not get caught...
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The Dakota Firepit

Post by Bram van Munster » Mon Aug 20, 2018 7:59 pm

The Dakota Firepit

When you want to remain warm, yet undetected, it's important to build a smokeless fire.
Naturally, you'll want to use wood that is as dry as possible, with a combustion that is as complete as possible.
Moisture in the wood will cause smoke!

Assuming you have all the dry wood you need, you can build a fire any way you want.
However, both the light coming from the fire and the smoke will give your presence and location away.

The Native American tribe called the Dakota have found the way to stay undetected by building their fires in the ground.

There is no light to be seen from any side, but the fire will still warm you or your food.
They didn't just make a hole in the ground and went from there, as eventually the fire will need air or it will die.
Any fire that is dying will cause smoke unless it has turned to ashes completely.
A solution was found in making a second hole through which air can get to the fire from underneath, making sure the fire has enough air to 'live', and as the combustion is complete, there is NO smoke.
In essence, smoke consists mostly of unburned particles and steam.
Added bonus: It warms the ground a bit, so you have a warmer place to sit on.
When you dig the holes, make sure you're not too close to any trees, so you don't set the roots on fire and put the whole forest in danger!


Happy cooking!!!

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