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Bushcraft, survival, preppers, homesteaders and naturelovers:

Welcome to one of the most extensive information points on the planet. Every day new articles are added both on the site as well as in the forum. Whether you love being in nature or are committed to homesteading, this is where you'll find information to make life as comfortable as possible!

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A place of knowledge for every bushcrafter, prepper, off-gridder, homesteader, survivalist, nature lover, hiker and outdoors enthusiast. Join us to gather the broadest range of information on the planet! If you have knowledge or want to share experiences, feel free to add them to the forum!

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Information about bushcraft in general. While this page is mostly informative, many useful links about living in harmony with nature will be added, so everyone can learn about the greatest lifestyle I can imagine. The links section is under construction at the moment(Check the forum too)

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Peter is my alter ego and the main character in my books. If you are a fan of adventures that take place in the wild, you really want to check out the Self Reliance serie (2 books and a 3rd on the way) which is purchasable as paperback and e-book. Also, a great book about addiction is available.

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Camping Wild

If you're like me, you'll love camping. When I spontaneously grab my backpack, throw a few things in it and leave, I always forget a few things. Here are a few tips to make your stay in the wild awesome!

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Preppers are not just gun hoarders and consperacy theorists. Basically, prepping for (any) event(s) possible is an art! There are preppers all over the world and in many shapes and forms.

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Homesteading is hard work, but a very fulfilling lifestyle. To many it is the ultimate way to live free and selfsufficient, but it's not for everybody. There are a few kinds of homesteads, and a lot of information about this topic.

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In this section you will find a growing number of useful links where you can get even more information than on this page. I have devided the types of links between YouTube videos, recommended books and normal websites, so there's always something to find for you.

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